the proof is in the protection lifeproof iphone 5/6 Cover

Lifeproofed - 4 proofs of protection A New Generation of Protection

Lifeproof for iphone 5 and ipadRetail price: R1,099 (incl vat, FREE Delivery)
Available in South Africa and supplied by - South Africa's only one-stop online shop for the urban man.


The most advanced phone ever made requires the most advanced case ever built — the all-new LifeProof frē for iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

Enjoy the freedom to go everywhere and do everything with your iPhone 5/6. Water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof protection lets you make the most of each and every day. Lifeproof iPhone 5/6. A new generation of protection which is small on size and big on features, a full spectrum of sound loud and clear, your iPhone protected, connected and by your side.

  • Water proof

  • LifeProof’s Apple iPhone Case and Apple iPad Case has a unique design that makes it waterproof to IP-68 standards, the highest 'International Protection' rating.

  • lifeproofed for water

    No other everyday case provides submersible protection. Now you can leave your clunky underwater camera at home. With LifeProof you film the sights and sounds of the kids underwater in the pool, or fish and coral as you’re snorkeling. The double AR-coated optical glass lenses provides unprecedented crystal-clear photo and video quality both above and below water. Use your LifeProof device while surfing on the beach, athletic swimming or simply doing laps in the pool, your LifeProof case will protect your device up to a depth of 6.6 feet (2 meters). The speakerphone works above water to allow you to take hands-free calls. When you want to listen to headphones when you are in water (surfing or swimming) simply screw off the ‘bung’ on the top of your LifeProof case and deploy waterproof headphones along with the LifeProof waterproof headphone adapters (available separately at the LifeProof Store) and you’ll have music in your ears.

    SNOW proof

  • Being caught in a snow-storm can be frightening at the best of times but you can have the confidence of your LifeProof phone even in the snow.

  • lifeproofed for snow

    You can call for help or chat to a loved-one until you get home or the snowfall passes. The good thing about LifeProof is that it is also snow-proof. Whether you love the adrenalin rush of down-hill of skiing, snowboarding, or snow-mobile riding, or the fun of skating, snow-shoeing, or cross-country skiing, you can be confident of your LifeProof protected device. LifeProof offers snow protection and ice protection for your iPhone and iPad so you can enjoy the ‘wonderland’ landscape of winter with music playing while the cool wind rushes through your hair. Snow and ice can present especially slick condition. Slips, slides, and falls are always a possibility. We cannot protect you from a sore tail, but we can protect your device from drops, fumbles, or tumbles into snow, water, or icy pavements.

    Shock proof

  • We could have designed  our protective iPhone case and iPad as a rubbery tractor tire to put around your mobile device but instead we designed something beautiful – a work of engineering art.

  • lifeproofed for shocks and bumps

    The LifeProof case is made of a tough polycarbonate frame and a shock absorbing elastomer. LifeProof also has a shock absorbing rear cover as well as a shock absorbing perimeter O-ring - there are more than seven levels of protection in your LifeProof case. We wanted LifeProof to be as sleek and slim as possible – ‘a cocktail dress made of Kevlar’ some have described it. LifeProof’s slim profile allows it to be pocketable and convenient. The depth of the main body of the LifeProof case for iPhone 4 is 10.8mm - barely 1.3mm thicker than the iPhone itself and thinner than many standard cases. Having the confidence of a shock-proof LifeProof also allows you to use your mobile device to its full potential. Kids can use it without fear of breaking your Smart Phone, you can take photos and record the family chatter – LifeProof helps your mobile device become a fun part of your house and home. Drop it, pick it up, and it still keeps going.

    Dirt proof

  • Over an hour of full throttle play with cable-free induction charging. Simply set Sphero in his cradle to recharge.

  • lifeproofed for dirt and outdoors

    Farming, demolishing structures, mixing of cement, sawing, drilling, sanding, painting, digging, or earthmoving. LifeProof keeps all the damaging particles out. Use your device as a GPS, performance monitor, for emergency communications, camera, or for other uses when you hike, trail-bike, mountain bike, or horse ride - with confidence knowing that your device will work and respond without the need for further protection. LifeProof will protect your device from mud, sand, grit, dust, and smoke. Take your LifeProof protected device to the beach with family or friends. You can confidently chill to music, sit in the shade and read your favorite e-book, take photos, or play sand castles with the kids without worrying about damaging your device from sand, mud, dirt, or water. Be careful if you bury your LifeProof in the sand on the beach, however, as you may spend the rest of the day trying to find it.

  • Available in South Africa and supplied by - South Africa's only one-stop online shop for the urban man.